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Types of services:

Max Diff

Maximum difference scale

Conjoint analysis

  • 01 Paired comparison technique, which allows you to select the most preferred product / service for the target audience
  • 02 Form the most successful offers and build the right pricing. Determine what your customers are willing to pay the most for
  • * To program the exercise, you need a rotation plan for displaying test materials in Excel format
  • * We give results only in the database (SPSS/Excel). Separate analysis we do not conduct according to the received data
  • 01 Popular along with Max Diff, a technique for studying purchasing decisions within a certain set of positions
  • 02 Evaluate not properties/characteristics separately, and the product as a whole
  • * To program the exercise, you need a rotation plan for displaying test materials in Excel format
  • * We give results only in the database (SPSS/Excel). We do not conduct a separate analysis based on the data obtained.

Concept test, Pack test

Тестирование концепции, тестирование упаковки

Price Optimization

Ценовые исследования!
  • If the idea is new and requires preliminary testing
  • If the product has been on the market for a long time, but it is not possible to “get ahead”
  • If there is a need to rebrand the company
  • test concepts/products at all stages of their existence
  • determine the vector of development, evaluate the prospects for success
  • compare with competitors, find "weak" places and change for the better
  • How does the consumer perceive the product?
  • What price do you expect to see?
  • Does the consumer ready to buy a product for a certain price? And at a discount?
PSM, Price Ladder, BPTO and other techniques
  • use different methods to determine the best prices and price ranges for a product

Shelf test

A great solution if you need to recreate a real-life situation of buying a product
  • 01 We will make a digital prototype of the store shelf to test the product on target customers
  • 02 Measure the time of searching for a product on the shelf, evaluate its memorability along with competitors
  • 03 Watch how consumers make a purchase with a virtual wallet
  • 04 Vary prices from shelf to shelf to see how product selection changes
  • * To program the exercise, you need images in png format that are the same in height and beat with each other inside in size. Those. if, for example, product A in height and width in reality differs or is the same as product B, then the scale of the pictures should convey this
  • * If you plan to change prices, then you need a separate excel file with their indication and a rotation plan