• We are not analysts, but each of our employees is closely connected with the world of research and has rich experience in this field.
  • We, like no one else, know that all clients are individual, everyone has their own special view on analysis methods and approach to working with data
  • It is difficult to navigate in a large flow of information, so we decided to leave the conclusions for you, as professionals in your field, while we focused on obtaining high-quality data

We will help with the implementation of any kind of


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Types of research:



Customer Satisfaction

  • 01 Assess consumer interest in the product
  • 02 Find out frequency, purchase reasons, usage situations and other comprehensive metrics
  • 01 Find out how satisfied consumers are with their interaction with the product
  • 02 Determine the level of trust, loyalty to him

Consumer Segmentation


BHT (Brand Health Track)

  • Middle class or high earner?
  • Conservative or supporter of change?
  • Family man or single?
Determine who makes up the target audience to become even more useful to existing customers and more attractive to new ones
  • 01 Conduct regular monitoring of brand position in the mind of the consumer and the competitive environment
  • 02 Measure the level of knowledge, brand loyalty; study the experience of buying / using it
  • 03 Get an idea of the company's image, the results of its promotions
  • 04 Get an idea of the company's image, the results of its promotions

Market Sizing

Market analysis

Path to Purchase

Path to purchase
  • 01 The success of the company depends not only on the technical and physical implementation of the idea
  • 02 Study market trends (product variety, price levels, competitors' advertising campaigns, etc.) and their features in order to understand what can affect business development
  • What creates demand?
  • What motivates to buy?
  • Where do they buy and why?
  • What influences decision making?
  • What slows down?
Study Incentives
and Barriers to Buying