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We have been working with OnIn since 2018. During this time we have carried out many joint projects. We really appreciate you for your “meticulousness” in the good sense of the word, for additional checking of our possible typographical errors and for identifying errors, for looking from the outside, and not for mechanically transferring questionnaires from paper to reference, for your promptness and for taking on the most complex target audience. Nothing seems impossible for you
KANTAR has been fruitfully cooperating with OnIn since 2019. During our joint work, OnIn proved to be client-oriented and highly competent in fulfilling the assigned tasks. All work on programming and data collection is carried out on time, while all our wishes regarding the timing of data collection and the provision of results are taken into account as much as possible. OnIn has proven itself to be a stable and reliable partner, providing high efficiency, reliability and a flexible approach to our needs. In the future, we look forward to expanding your panel to Kazakhstan with the possibility of covering narrower target audiences.
We have been cooperating with OnIn since 2015. We had 3 joint projects. The task was to conduct an online interview in Russia with users of a certain type of service. The results met our expectations. In working with OnIn, I liked the clarity in interaction and the flexible approach.
Center for Analytical Research and Development (CAIR)
The NAFI Analytical Center expresses its gratitude to the OnIn company. The company actually proves its competence in the preparation and conduct of quantitative research and has established itself as a reliable performer. I would like to separately note your high level of professionalism and understanding of the needs of clients, the ability to carry out research projects of varying complexity with high quality and on time. During the work with OnIn, one cannot fail to note the quality of the research being carried out, as well as the high qualification of the staff, attentiveness and efficiency in solving all working issues in the course of cooperation.
Analytical center "NAFI"
We have been working with OnIn since the foundation of the company. We cooperate on various online projects: segmentation, tracking, and ad hoc. We are very satisfied with the joint work. Satisfied with the price, terms, like the attentiveness of managers to work out all our questions and wishes. In general, we evaluate cooperation with OnIn at 10 out of 10.
We have been working with OnIn for a long time, mainly on projects using a panel of patients with various diseases, because We specialize only in medical projects. We are satisfied with the feedback, as well as with the speed of data collection. Thank you for the professional and high-quality approach to the work and implementation of joint projects. We are always glad to cooperate.
We started working with the company in August 2021 - I conducted a hall test and turned to OnIn for programming a link for it. As a result, I was very pleased with the team and the work done for us. After that, my colleagues also turned to OnIn for programming - so far this is our main area of ​​cooperation. And, of course, we are always in touch with various requests for potential projects. Separately, I would like to highlight the client-oriented team, the speed of response to any requests, the prompt solution of problems and the quality of execution. The work is done on time, everything is neat, and the team is in touch, even if the project launch happens on Saturday :)
We have been cooperating with OnIn since 2019. We mainly do UX research on PC and mobile. We are always satisfied with the result of cooperation: colleagues give quick feedback, we recruit the right respondents and together we find solutions to non-standard problems. I like the speed of work, flexible conditions and understanding on the part of the OnIn team in case of even the most complex projects.
We have been working with OnIn for the second year. We are recruiting an audience for conducting various studies, including measuring the popularity of an HR brand. Surveys often need a narrow sample, and the OnIn panel helps us out. I like that managers promptly give feedback, are always ready to offer different options for solving the problem and help to choose the best solution.
SKB Kontur
OnIn is our regular partner in online research, with whom we have been working since 2018. With the OnIn team, we do both marketing and social research in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, and also order programming of questionnaires. OnIn does tasks that others don't. We especially like the technical part of the work - the programming of questionnaires is always at an extremely high level. Therefore, even for projects in countries where OnIn does not have panels, we order programming from OnIn. Also, OnIn employs very nice people, with whom it is very comfortable to communicate simply on a human level!

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