Easy Tabs

  • This is an interface for working with the SPSS database as an add-in
    for Excel for analysts and data scientists
  • It speeds up complex calculations and helps you quickly get
    the right tables
  • We are ready to help you reduce the time for preparing reports and build tables with the calculation of significant differences on our side
  • Or install the software for you

Easy Tabs:

  • 01 automatically recognizes the structure of the questionnaire based on SPSS
  • 02 quickly builds all tables, calculating significant differences, generating an interactive report
  • 03 you can quickly add the calculation of the necessary statistics
  • 04 table building time - from 2 minutes after receiving the database

At your request, we will also prepare the necessary tables for the report, calculate the weights, convert the data to your data map

Benefits method:


You do not waste time preparing the necessary tables - we will do everything for you


Reduced processing time


No advanced knowledge of SPSS is required to prepare the tables - an understanding of the basic functions is enough