• We control the quality of the audience, starting from the moment of
    registration throughout the entire activity

Primary control:

  • 01 For multiple registrations
  • 02 On automatic registrations
    using bots and similar systems
  • 03 For identical account passwords
  • 04 Compliance of profile
    information with accounts in social networks
  • 05 By compiling a profile of each participant, taking into account his "digital fingerprint"
We also created a "rating" system:
  • when registering, it is equal to 100%, according to the results of participation in surveys, it may decrease
  • participants with a rating below 50% do not participate in research
Control over the participants of the online panel is carried out by
behavior analysis:
  • if suspicious activity is detected, then the respondent is checked, after which he can be excluded from surveys in the future
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