Types of services:

API surveys


Sendout API

  • 01 API technology helps to collect and exchange data between companies in automatic mode, as well as program survey questionnaires
  • 02 The technology is used for projects of the same type or tracking projects, where the data structure changes slightly and the information is collected in identical arrays
Through API requests you can:
  • publish an online questionnaire
  • transfer target audience parameters and quotas
  • collect data
  • code responses to open-ended questions as needed
  • transfer the finished array to the customer's IT system
Benefits of using the API:
Simplification of the questionnaire preparation process, all changes in texts, lists and others are loaded automatically and do not require logical testing
Reduction of terms
and labor costs for the project
Automation of routine procedures, which eliminates errors associated with the human factor
Transfer of collected data arrays in the customer's IT systems in a standardized form

partial automation

  • for example, only the programming process and data collection, and the final database is transferred to the customer in the usual SPSS format
  • 01 The system we developed for automatically inviting respondents to the project is able to receive tasks for mailing through J'SON protocols
  • 02 Taking into account the standard parameters of the required target audience. For example, country, gender, age, city, etc.

Auto emailing

Allows us to carry out
projects automatically -
on a scheduled basis
Benefits of auto emailings:
The distribution mechanism is based on planning a response for specific respondents that fit the sampling criteria, the timing of the field stage and the interviews actually recruited
The system generates batch mailings of invitations for a uniform set of interviews, constantly checking against planned and actual indicators
Human intervention is only required initially for configuration
At the same time, the system is able to send various warnings if the intervention of the manager is necessary
Informing if there is not enough available number of respondents to recruit the required number of interviews