Online questionnaire

  • A convenient and simple questionnaire is one of the key factors
    for a successful study

We do not create survey questionnaires,
but we can help you to:

  • Adapt the questionnaire to the audience and online format
  • Check logic and subtract texts
  • Simplify and bring the questionnaire to a single format

We also can launch projects with an already pre programmed questionnaire (via provided link).


In this case, we will select the right audience for the survey for you.

We are scripting
different types of questions:

  • regular lists
  • mark lists
  • tables
  • input fields
  • dropdown lists
  • sliders
  • share questions
  • tables with disappearing or appearing shares
  • drag and drop
  • click tests
  • shelves with goods
  • with media
  • Conjoint & MaxDiff

See the DEMO QUESTIONNAIRE for standard question types.

View DEMO Icon

As a result, you get online questionnaire in desktop and mobile versions


Stages of work:

You send the questionnaire in Word
format (Excel for multilingual questionnaire)


We check it,
program and test


You test and
comment survey link


We make the necessary changes
and send the final version of the
online questionnaire


We start
data collection


In the working process on the
questionnaire, the project team conducts multilevel control:

  • 01Questionnaire proofreading
  • 02Testing the online questionnaire on our side
  • 03Survey link testing on client's side
  • 04Final testing before launch
  • 05Data collection
About quality control

For projects with questionnaire programming
we connect automatic coding system (Brand Coding)

  • up-to-date database of brands divided into 200+ product categories

It automatically encodes open-ended questions listing brands (brands) as the respondent completes the survey.


This reduces the time for encoding - more than 90% of the database is encoded immediately - and helps to change the trajectory of the questionnaire depending on the brands entered by the respondent


The database is regularly updated: new brands are added


Upon request, we can add a product category and collect information on it

About quality control


  • 80% of participants prefer to take surveys from mobile devices
  • We will help make the questionnaire convenient for taking the survey from mobile devices