and Creatives

  • We will approach the implementation of any task not only from the technical side, but also from the creative side

Digital Research


Video/Audio test

Тестирование аудио и видео
  • 01 OnIn panels, you can conduct a survey of respondents who had contact with certain advertising campaigns
  • 02 All our panels are integrated with pixels from such advertising platforms as Adriver, AdSniper, Weborama, Gemius, Yandex and DCM
  • 03 Combining panelist cookie data with surveys allows you to measure the effect from online campaigns. Save your budget and conduct surveys already for a pre-formed audience
  • 04 We do not work directly with platforms. For the implementation of the study after the RK you need to independently request from the platforms to upload the IDs of our panelists and send it to us for evaluation. Collection opportunities will be directly related to uploading - the more IDs you provide, the more interviews we can collect
  • 01 We will help with the evaluation of any audio (song excerpts, radio advertising, etc.) and video materials (test of the pilot of the series, cartoon, test of grocery, banking, social, etc. videos)
  • 02 We will advise on the methodology (for example, how many videos will be appropriate to show to one person) and, if necessary, help with adapting the file for the link (cutting, gluing, lightening in weight)
  • 03 For video, we can measure the attractiveness rating - while watching the video, the respondent evaluates the frames per second by moving the slider under the video.
  • 04 We will provide you with a link to a graph that displays the resulting values in real time (essential help in preparing top line report)
  • * Video files are best provided in mp4 format, audio files in mp3 format

Click test

The ideal way to get more detailed data about the tested product
We can do all types of click tests:
  • evaluate words or phrases if the concept is textual
  • we will find out which element of the product packaging or advertising poster is the most informative, attractive, important, if these are coordinate or zonal click tests
  • 01 In the case of evaluating the text, we can prepare an excel file with% markup
  • 02 In the case of a coordinate click test, we will return a heat map at the output
  • 03 For a zone test, in addition to materials, you need ppt or any other file with zone markings. It is desirable that there are no intersections. All zones must have a number (code for the base) and a name
  • * For the coordinate click test, only the visual materials themselves are needed
  • * For a text click test, you need a file with text markup. All words or phrases must have a number (code for the base)